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Cartons open up


Far from the opportunity to package products more conveniently, cartons represent huge potential when they’re recycled.


Carton recycling in the United States is constantly growing and we have the numbers to prove it!
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  • 48

    States with communities that have access to carton recycling

  • 80

    Of 100 – top U.S. communities with carton recycling access

  • 12,000

    Communities nationwide with carton recycling access

  • 58%

    U.S. households with access to carton recycling

  • 222%

    Increase in carton recycling access since the Carton Council of North America was formed in 2009

  • 67,797,262

    U.S. households that can recycle cartons

New study reveals consumers overwhelmingly believe recycling is important!

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