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Insider Access

Welcome to our Insider Access Resource Library. Here you can find materials to help, whether you are a recycling professional or a representative of a packaging company. Just click on the items below you wish to access and be on your way. New content is always being added, so check back often for additional resources.

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The Resource Library includes:

  • Informational brochures and flyers from various industry perspectives, such as general carton recycling, carton recycling mills, carton post-consumer markets, school carton recycling and more
  • Presentations and speeches that have been developed to help promote the message of carton recycling
  • Carton recycling videos that can be shared on websites, through e-newsletters and other methods of communication
  • White papers
  • General creative files and photos that can be adapted for specific community, facility and school use to help promote carton recycling
  • Carton Champion resources to help people who are interested in spreading the word about carton recycling across the industry, and the country. This section includes talking points, templates and other tools.

Additionally, you will find a special area in “Insider Access” specifically to help carton communities promote carton recycling to residents. The resources in this area include:

  • Communication plans to help guide strategic education outreach
  • An electronic recognition seal to highlight the recent 40% carton recycling access milestone that was recently achieved nationwide, along with accompanying materials to help support this achievement
  • Creative files and images that can be customized and tailored for use in local communities

New content is always being added, so check back often for additional resources.