Updated "Please Recycle" Logo

After reaching 60 percent household access to food and beverage carton recycling last year, it’s important that all carton packaging moving forward carry the updated "Please Recycle" logo. As of January 2017, food and beverage cartons are officially a mainstream recyclable commodity and can now carry the standard “Please Recycle’’ logo, according to the Federal Trade Commission green guidelines. 

We hope you will help us in ensuring that all carton companies are aware and utilizing this recycling logo on all packaging moving forward. The previous recycling logo with the disclaimer is no longer accurate and will cause confusion over whether cartons are recyclable.

Packaging plays a significant role in ensuring cartons make it to the recycling container. Recent research by the Carton Council shows that nearly half of consumers (47 percent) look to the packaging to determine if an item is recyclable, and 65 percent would assume a package is not recyclable if it does not contain a recycling logo.   

The new logo and usage guidelines are available in a variety of formats that can all be downloaded below: