Holiday Recycling Tips


December brings many festive occasions like holiday parties, potlucks, family dinners and more. This holiday season, be sure to pass along our recycling tips to your residents to ensure gatherings are Earth friendly!

Tip #1: Set out both a trash container and a recycling container at gatherings. People are more inclined to recycle when it’s right in front of them. Also, if you line the container with a plastic bag, make sure that bag doesn’t end up in your recycling bin or cart when you set it out for pick up. Plastic bags can jam equipment at recycling facilities, slowing everything down and potentially preventing recyclables from actually getting recycled. Instead place materials loosely in recycling bin/carts when you bring them to the curb.

Tip #2: Double check your community website to make sure you’re recycling everything your community accepts! Check if cartons are accepted in your community’s program here. Just because a package doesn’t have a recycling logo on it, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not recyclable. What can and can’t be recycled varies by community and is primarily dependent on the recycling facility where the materials go.

Tip #3: Reuse gift bags, ribbons and bows and recycle any gift wrap that you can’t reuse! Remember those three simple R’s! Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Tip #4: Ensure your guests know how easy it is to recycle. Remind them they just need to empty their containers and toss in the container! No rinsing is required, and most packages (including cartons!) are best recycled in their original shape, so no need to crush.  And you can leave caps on, ensuring the entire package gets recycled.

You can find more carton recycling tips and myth busters here.

We hope you have a happy, safe and recycling-friendly holiday season! Don’t forget to #RecycleYourCartons