The Do’s and Don’ts for Being a Green Hostess This Holiday Season


Let’s face it. The holidays can be stressful – so we thought we’d have a little fun! Enjoy these tips:

Do make recycling easy for your guests by leaving recycling containers near the trash containers.

Don’t hide your recycling bins behind your car in the garage.


Do re-gift.

Don’t do it in front of the person who originally gave you the gift!


Do feel free to light ecofriendly candles in holiday scents.

Don’t invite your cigar smoking Uncle Larry.


Do feel free to serve your guests wine packaged in a carton.

Don’t make them pass the carton around while you yell, “Chug! Chug! Chug!” 


Do put signs on your containers for trash and recyclables.

Don’t make hourly announcements to guests that they must recycle!


Do offer a wide array of foods, including a few healthy options.

Don’t use your party as an opportunity to test out your new insect recipe book called “Bug Appetit!”


Do offer your guests a choice of spiked or virgin eggnog, packaged in a carton.

Don’t let the kids or the dog get into the spiked version!


Do recycle the boxes, food and beverage cartons, gift wrap and ribbons from any presents your guests may bring.

Don’t forget to thank Aunt Martha for that lovely holiday sweater.