Archived Press Releases

Archived Press Releases (2012-2019)

2019 Press Releases 

Carton Recycling Celebrates 10 Years of Progress and Looks Forward to 2025, November 2019

2018 Press Releases

New End Market for Food and Beverage Cartons Coming to Colorado, October 

Wisconsin Ranks Third in Support for Recycling, Yet Many are Not Aware That Cartons Should be Recycled, September 

Mind the Carton Recycling Gap, Minnesota, September 

Consumers are Increasingly Recycling Their Food and Beverage Cartons and Expect Brands to Help with Recycling, March

Americans in Agreement: Recycling is Important and Should be a Priority, March 

Carton Recycling Celebrates Success in 2017 and Looks Ahead to 2018, February

2017 Press Releases

Minnesota Recycling Company Installs Robot to Help Recycle Food and Beverage Cartons, November

Innovative Green Products and New Technologies Grow End Markets for Recycled Food and Beverage Cartons, September

Robots Become a Reality in the Evolution of Carton Recycling, August

Pilot Program Teaches Robots How to Make Carton Recycling More Efficient, March

Food and Beverage Cartons are Officially a Mainstream Recycable Commodity, January 

2016 Press Releases

Consumers Overwhelmingly Believe Recycling is Important, April 

Response to "Three Headaches for the Recycling Industry" by Matt Richtel, New York Times, April 

Carton Council Unveils Tools for Teachers to Engage Students in Carton Recycling at School and at Home, March 

Survey Finds Consumers Look to Brands and Companies When it Comes to Recycling, March 

Carton Recycling Access Reaches New Heights, January 

2015 Press Releases

Remember Cartons This America Recycles Day, November 2015

Denton Expands Recycling Program, September 2015

National Trade Industry Groups Fund Study to Identify Ways to Improve Efficiencies in Recycling Facilities, July 2015 

Recycle Away and Carton Council Donate Recycling Containers to Increase Milk and Juice Carton Recycling in New York City Schools, April 2015

Carton Council Receives Inaugural “Trashies” Award From Sustainable Packaging Coalition And Smithers Pira, April 2015

Calling All Capital Cities! The Carton Council Wants Your Residents to Recycle More, March 2015

Strong Gains Achieved in Improving Carton Recycling Infrastructure, February 2015 

2014 Press Releases

Carton Council of North America Releases Statement in Response to Inaccuracies in Recent California's Against Waste Report, October 2014

Carton Council Announces Network of Companies that Share a Commitment to Carton Recycling, September 2014 

Carton Council of North America Releases Multi-Material Report on Policy, August 2014

Carton Recycling Reaches Momentous 50 Percent Milestone, June 2014

Celebrate Strong Gains in Carton Recycling This Earth Day, April 2014

Carton Council of North America Launches Public Awareness Campaign in Houston, Texas, April 2014

Carton Council Annouces Winner of Recycle-Bowl's Special Carton Recycling Competition, April 2014

Keep America Beautiful Presents Carton Council with 2013 First-Place Award for Waste Reduction and Recycling Efforts, February 2014

Carton Council of North America Reports Strong Growth in Carton Recycling Access in 2013 With Continued Movement Pedicted in 2014, January 2014

2013 Press Releases

Remember Cartons This America Recycles Day, November 2013

Carton Council Receives Outstanding Partnership Award from State of Texas Alliance for Recycling, November 2013

Survey Sheds Light On Role Americans Expect Food and Beverage Brands to Play in Recycling, October 2013

Carton Recycling in U.S. More Accessible Than Ever, September 2013

Carton Council Recognized by California Product Stewardship Council for Coalition Building, August 2013

Carton Council Reaches New Milestone in Recycling, July 2013

Carton Council Launches Public Education Campaign in Columbus, Ohio, July 2013

Carton Recycling Takes Giant Step Forward with New Website, May 2013

Carton Council Joins Keep America Beautiful to Increase Carton Recycling as Part of Recycle-Bowl, April 2013

This Earth Day, Remember Cartons, April 2013

Atlantic County, NJ Joins Long List of Carton Communities, January 2013

2012 Press Releases

Carton Recycling Reaches 40 Percent Access Milestone, December 2012