Archived Media Coverage

Archived Media Coverage (2012-2019)

2019 Media Coverage 

Earth911, Earth911 Podcast: The Carton Council’s Jason Pelz on Carton Recycling Progress, December 

NBC, Waste Management works with Carton Council to create carton drop-off center, November 

Waste 360, Then and Now: Carton Council Reflects on 10 Years, October

Recycling Product News, Robotic sorting is driving carton recycling into the future, October 

Sustana Fiber, Carton Council has helped more than triple America’s access to carton recycling in 10 years, September 

DairyReporter, Dairy Dialog podcast 48: Kezzler and the Carton Council, September

Resource Recycling, First Person Perspective: Why we shouldn’t backpedal on carton recycling, August 

Recycling Today, Food and beverage cartons should be included among priority recyclable materials, July

Paper Advance, Why carton recycling is a major opportunity to improve your brand's sustainability efforts, May 

Waste Dive, What recycling end market development looks like in 2019, May

Northeast Recycling Council, Now is the Time to go All in on Recycling, April

KARE 11, Here's how a school reduced its waste by 80%, January 2019

KDVR, New Year, New (Recycling) You, January 2019


2018 Media Coverage

Resource Recycling, Finding the Funding, December 

WasteDive, Carton recycling progress: 49 states, 62% of households now have access, December

Waste Today, Think Big, Start Small, December

Waste Today, Think big, start small, November 

WCCO-TV CBS Minneapolis, Shakopee Recycling Company Reveals State-Of-The-Art Sorting Robot, November

Earth 911, Recycling Mystery: Milk & Juice Cartons, November 

National Geographic, 5 recycling myths busted, October 

Beverage Industry, Cartons, aseptic packaging deliver sustainable, healthy options, October 

Resource Recycling, End user of cartons expands west, October

Recycling Product News, Future looks bright for recovered polycoated aseptic and gable top commodity prices according to Carton Council, June 

Waste360, End Market Opportunities for Cartons are Expanding, May

WJLA-TV, Green Tips for Earth Day with Annabelle Gurwitch, April

Las Vegas Sun Newspapers, On Earth Day, pledge to recycle all you can, April

Waste Dive, Chinese-owned firm to open carton recycling facility in South Carolina, March

NPR, In the Recycling World, Why are Some Cartons Such a Problem, March

Innovators Magazine, Public targets circular future, March

Recycling Today, Interest in carton recycling increases, according to survey, March

Waste360, Carton Recycling Now Available for 62% of U.S. Households, February

Resource Recycling, Real Impacts from artificial intelligence, January

2017 Media Coverage

Material Handling & Logistics, AI Offers a Smarter Path to Sustainable Packaging, September

Recycling Today,  AMP Robotics, Carton Council install second robot for carton sorting, July 

American Recycler, Using Robotics Helps Recycle Consumer Cartons, June

Brand Packaging, Recycling Milestone, June

Waste360, What Robotics and AI Could Mean for the Future of the Industry (Part One), June

CBS News, Denver Recycling Center Testing Robotic Sorter, May

Recycling Product News, Advancing the Sort With Robotics, April 

Forbes, This Recycling Robot Uses Artificial Intelligence To Sort Your Recyclables, April

Fox 13 Tampa Bay, Earth Watch: New recycling logo, April

Resource Recycling, Carton-plucking 'Clarke' brings robots into recycling, April

Environmental Leader, The Future of Recycling is...Robots?, April

Packaging World, Robot programmed to separate cartons in recycling stream, March

Resource Recycling, What Comes After 60 Percent, March

Food In Canada, The carton's role in the story of recycling, March

Food Navigator, Cartons help brands sell sustainability with new unqualified 'please recycle' claim, February

Lifehacker, You Don't Need to Flatten Your Milk Carton Before Recycling, and Other Carton Recycling Tips, February 

Business Insider, You're recycling your milk carton all wrong, February

USA TODAY, Snapshot - What makes us recycle, February

Earth911, Carton recycling now available to 60% of homes, February 

Resource Recycling, Cartons hit 60 percent recycling access milestone, January

2016 Media Coverage

Packaging World, U.S. carton recycling continues to grow, November

Beverage Industry, Water brands embrace carton packaging, October

American Recycler, Carton Recycling Sees Communities Signing on All Across the Country, October

Brand Packaging, Building New Uses for Recycled Cartons, September

Resource Recycling, In My Opinion: Key Considerations for a program in transition, August

Recycling Today, Collective Effort, May

Waste360, Container Group Survey: Recycling is Popular, but More Education is Needed, April

Dairy Foods, Consumers expect recyclable packaging from food brands, April

Recycling Product News, Carton Council of North America study confirms strong consumer belief in the value of recycling, April 

Resource Recycling, Time to Double Down, April 

Brand Packaging, Why Sustainability Matters for Brands and How Cartons Can Help, April 

Recycling Today, Consumers look to packaging for recycling info, survey finds, March 

KATV, Recycling Quiz for the family, February 

Savannah Morning News, Savannah adds cartons to recycling mix, February 

Fox 13, Proud Hillsborough County students recycle milk cartons, February 

Waste Dive, Carton Council announces 57% of U.S. households now have access to carton recycling, January 

State of Texas Alliance for Recycling (Podcast), How Are Cartons Recycled?, January 

Packaging Strategies, Q&A with a paperboard packaging leader, Jason Pelz, Carton Council of North America, January 

2015 Media Coverage

Environmental ProtectionDon't Overlook the Carton, November 2015

Dairy FoodsA dairy processor strives for zero waste and enlists consumers to help, October 2015

Environmental LeaderEnvironmental Decision Makers Share Lessons Learned in 2015 Insider Knowledge Report, September 2015

Resource RecyclingLifting All Boats, September 2015

WiredListen Up America: You Need to Learn How to Recycle. Again, August 2015

Beverage WorldCracking Carton Recycling, August 2015

Resource RecyclingStudy examines flow of packaging at MRFs, July 2015

Resource RecyclingLifelong Lessons, June 2015

Food Production DailyPennsylvania supports Carton Council Recycling Initiative, June 2015

Food & Beverage PackagingStrong gains achieved in improving carton recycling  infrastructure, May 2015

Earth911Cartons are Kind of a Big Deal: Here's Why, April 2015

Packaging Digest5 outstanding sustainable packages, partnerships, persons and processes, April 2015

Food Production DailyCarton Council increases F&B recycling from 18% of US household cartons to 53%, April 2015

Recycling Product NewsStrong Gains Achieved in Improving Carton Recycling Infrastructure, February 2015

Resource RecyclingCarton Recycling Access Hits 53 Percent, February 2015

Recycling TodayOff-the-wall solution, January 2015

2014 Media Coverage

Recycling TodayPolicy: a criticial ingredient to increasing recycling, October 2014

Environmental LeaderCarton Recycling Network Formed, September 2014

MSW ManagementCarton Council of North America Releases Multi-Material Report on Policy, August 2014 

Earth 911Carton Recycling Access Reaches 50% Across U.S., July 2014

Greener PackageCarton Council speaks on increased recycling opportunities, July 2014

Resource RecyclingMore Material for Your MRF, June 2014

Dairy Foods, Teach schoolchildren lifelong recycling habits, June 2014

American Recycler, Greater Profits Seen in Recovering and Recycling Food Packaging, April 2014

Food Production Daily, Carton Council: Partnerships boost carton recycling, April 2014

Food Production Daily, Carton recycling access grows by 1m US households, April 2014

Recycling Today, The ABCs of recycling, March 2014

Food & Beverage PackagingRecycling packages: Whose responsibility is it?, February 2014

Packaging Digest, Almost half of U.S. households have access to carton recycling, January 2014

Waste 360, Carton Recycling Access Rises 16 Percent in 2013, Group Says, January 2014

2013 Media Coverage

Beverage IndustryAmericans expect food, beverage brands to play a role in recycling, October 2013

Greener Package45% of U.S. households have access to carton recycling, October 2013

Plastics News, Education helped push recycling participation, September 2013

Food EngineeringCarton Council recognized for recycling partnership building, August 2013

MSW ManagementCarton Council launches public education campaign in Columbus, Ohio, July 2013

Resource RecyclingCarton recycling now a possibility in 45 states, July 2013

2012 Media Coverage

Environmental ProtectionCarton Recycling: Don't Underestimate the Impact, December 2012