Brands play a huge role in carton recycling!

In fact, 91 percent of consumers say they expect food and beverage companies and brands to actively help increase the recycling of their packages.*


* According to a national survey of 2,500 U.S. adults conducted for the Carton Council by Research+Data Insights.


The carton is the first place to start!

The packaging itself plays a critical role in driving carton recycling action. Sixty-seven percent of consumers report they would assume a package is not recyclable if it did not have a recycling symbol or language on it. We also know that the majority of consumers look to a product’s packaging first to check if a package is recyclable. Don’t miss this opportunity to educate!

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Help us spread the word that cartons are recyclable

  • Add recycling information on-pack
  • Add recycling information to your website
  • Add recycling information to your sales and promotion materials
  • Share recycling information through social media and other channels